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About Privacy Policy

DIC, in compliance with the personal information protection act, etc., strives to complete the personal information protection system based on the following guidelines.

1.When collecting personal information, make efforts to use it for clear purposes, to be legal and fair.

2.Collect personal information to the extent necessary for the purpose of use and strive to ensure that the personal information collected is correct, complete and up to date.

3.Personal information collected shall not be used for any other purpose except as provided for in the act.

4.Take reasonable security measures for the personal information held.

5.Personal information held in custody shall be revised and deleted as required upon my disclosure request.

6.The company guarantees the implementation of the above policy by formulating "personal information management regulations" and clarifying personal information management personnel.

About personal information processing

01About the purpose of using personal information

Within the scope of the company's business activities, the personal information collected will be used for the following purposes.When personal information is used for other purposes, the company will notify the user by sending a notification document, E-mail, fax or Posting on the website.

1.To reply to inquiries about our business and products.

2.It is used to send all kinds of information and products about the company's business and products requested by users.

3.It is used to provide information about the company's business, product introduction and support.

4.Used in the company's questionnaire survey to reflect the company's business and products.

5.The paid services operated by the company shall be used to confirm the payment methods or usage charges of users.

02About disclosing personal information to third parties

In principle, the company will not disclose customers' personal information to third parties, except as described in items (1) to (7) below.In addition, if it is necessary to disclose to a third party, the company will notify the customer by publishing on the website, sending documents, E-mail, fax and other forms.

1.When personal information is required by statute

2.In accordance with the act, personal information is required to be provided to business partners to the extent necessary for the purpose of use.

3.To disclose the necessary information to the business partner in order to reply to the customer's inquiry.

4.To disclose necessary information to business partners for the purpose of sending various materials requested by customers

5.In order to provide product introduction, support information and other information, when the necessary information to the business partners.

6.When the company operates paid services, the company inquires with the relevant units to confirm the payment methods or usage charges of the users.

7.In order to protect the life, body and property of the customer and others, it is necessary to inquire with the relevant units.

03About the change

With the change of the company's business or service content, personal information processing will sometimes change accordingly.In addition, the company's website is updated from time to time.

04Personal information consultation

As for the personal information handled by the company, when the user requests to modify, update and delete personal information, the company will respect my intention and make necessary correspondence within a reasonable scope.

In addition, the company has set up the following window for consulting personal information.

【consult 】

DIC corporation corporate communication department

3-7-20 DIC building, nihonbashi, chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tel: +81-3-6733-3034 Fax: +81-3-6733-3038

About personal information consultation

About personal information consultation

Our website ( will carefully handle and protect personal information provided by users in accordance with our basic policy on personal information protection, personal information handling and the following records.

01Use Cookies and other technologies to obtain information

The website USES Cookies and other technical means to collect visitors' browsing information and IP addresses.We may use this information in association with other information that can identify visitors' personal information, so as to provide personalized content (including display, recommendation of products and services), improve products and services, and collect usage data according to visitors' specific interests and preferences.You can disable Cookies by changing browser Settings.However, please note that changing browser Settings or disabling Cookies may cause certain features of the site to be disabled.

02About the scope of application

Links from this website or links to third party websites other than our company's on this website do not apply to our company's basic policy on the protection of personal information, the handling of personal information and the handling of personal information on this website.The company does not accept responsibility for the handling of personal information on third party websites other than our own.

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